Air Fryer  Chicken Broccoli

“With prices rising,  now you can make this takeout favorite at home! 

Air Fryer Chicken and Broccoli


4 Servings


Main Course


30 minutes



What You'll Need:

 broccoli and chicken breasts salt, pepper, minced ginger garlic powder & cornstarch hoisin sauce, apple cider vinegar soy sauce and honey sesame seeds

Step 1

Dice the chicken and broccoli into bite sized pieces.

Step 2 

Mix up the breading by combining cornstarch, salt, pepper, and garlic powder and then add to a gallon-sized storage bag and shake to mix.  Then bread the chicken.

Step 3

Add the chicken to the air fryer, spray with cooking spray and then ook at 400° for 12-15 minutes until crispy and golden.

Steps 4 - 6 

Steam the broccoli, make the sauce, and coat the chicken in the sauce perfect serving.