Pumpkin Brownies 


These pumpkin brownies are one of my favorite brownie recipes for fall. A thick and fudge-like style brownie that is swirled with pumpkin spice in each bite. The ultimate dessert for fall that will win over a crowd with one bite.

You will use a homemade brownie base and a pumpkin base to make these brownies. They do swirl together so it takes some time to make but so worth it.

So you are going to create both brownies. Do them in separate bowls so they don't mix together. 

Pour the chocolate brownie in the pan and spread out into an even layer. 

Next add in the pumpkin layer. I like to spread it out a bit so you can see the look of both colors. 

Once you swirl it to show a mix of colors, bake as directed. These brownies are just stunning. 

You can use a fudge brownie mix instead of making homemade if you want. I love the homemade brownie but you are more than welcome to swap it out with the box mix. Then just make up the pumpkin brownie to swirl in.