Meatball Pot Pie

Meatball Pot Pie

Combine two classic meals into one with this delicious Meatball Pot Pie. It’s savory, full of flavor, and contains a mixture of veggies and meat in a flaky crust.

It contains meat with carrots, peas, and other tasty ingredients combined to create the most delicious meal.

Mix together the tomatoes, seasoning, and beef bouillon

In a bowl mix up your ingredients for the pot pie.

Pour mixture into your pie crust. This is a hearty comfort food recipe.

Top with your next layer of crust. Then crimp the edges of the pie crust.

Bake and then slice and serve up this easy dinner idea. The whole family will enjoy.

This is a total comfort food dinner that is bursting with flavor.

Whip up my slow cooker pulled pork as well.