Crumbl Monster Cookie 

Crumbl Monster Cookie 

These Orange and Black Tie Dye Cupcakes are perfect for Halloween dessert. These spooky colored cupcakes are easy to make, and perfect for Halloween parties or fall hay rides.

If you are looking for a delicious and fun cookie to make for your next party, look no further than these Crumbl Monster Cookies!

– These cookies are easy to make and perfect for any occasion. – The Blue Monster Cookies are a fun and playful way to enjoy some delicious chocolate chip cookies. – These colorful cookies will make any occasion a little bit more festive.

Start by making the cookie batter. This is very easy to do, and then you will form large cookie balls.

Bake as directed and allow the cookies to cool. Make sure to have cookies fully cool before you add frosting.

Mix up the frosting and then pipe it on. I did a swirl but any  design works.

Add your cookie topping and then dive in! These are huge and satisfying cookies.

Double the batch if you want. These are great for parties, events, bake sales, etc.

Try my rainbow chip cookies as well. These are a sweet cookie with a little crunch.

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